Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy pageantry! I was always in to soccer and sports. But doing this gave me the courage to try new things. I’ve met so many wonderful people being a part of this amazing program 💕💕 Jessica Lynn Mastrobuono Ms. SCV Royal Princess 2017 - 2018

It has been such an honor to have been named Miss Santa Clarita Valley 2008 because it gave me a second chance to represent the Santa Clarita Valley. I first entered and represented this program as Miss Teen Canyon Country and then Miss Teen Santa Clarita Valley in 2002 but came back as an adult hoping to make new friends and unparalleled memories. My years of service have been extremely rewarding because I was able to work side by side with dignitaries and other movers and shakers throughout our community. I saw similar faces, made new contacts, and changed the lives of those around me forever through the events such as the new business grand openings, the Taste of the Town, Relay for Life, the weekly summer Jazz Festivals, the Sherriff’s Chili Cook-off, and the numerous Golf Tournaments that took place throughout the year. I am thankful that this program has fine tuned my public speaking abilities and has sharpened my professional demeanor. Not only that, my year as Miss Santa Clarita Valley 2008 opened numerous doors with countless possibilities and introduced me to new friends that I know will last a lifetime. To those of you just joining the family, or just thinking about joining, know that this is a family where you will always belong no matter how old you are. You will learn valuable lessons that will shape who you become, and make amazing friends and everlasting memories along the way. Youl never know what you can do or who you can be if you are too scared to try; so take a chance because it might just turn out to be the best year of your life. The experience is what you make it; I jumped into my title(s) whole heartedly and completed over 700 hours of community service and although crazy at times, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I am sad that my year had to come to an end but I will smile whenever I look back on it knowing that I made a difference within our community and have made memories that will be forever etched into my mind. I want to thank the fabulous director, Ms. Mardi Rivetti, for taking her time to work individually with each of us and organizing our participation at all of the community events throughout the year. Without her dedicated support this program would not be the great program that it is today.
Hope Morrice
Miss Santa Clarita Valley 2008 Miss Teen Santa Clarita Valley 2002 Miss Teen Canyon Country 2002 ​